The new Tate Modern & art as a reflection of human experience

The new Tate Modern opened on Friday and it is fantastic. I could post an arty picture of the swish new building or write something about it being a new era for modern art in London. Instead I am going to post a visual representation of an intensely meaningful connection between one visitor and the new exhibition hang. I may be over analysing something that does not need to be analysed – not the first time that has happened – but to me this person has articulated a deep connection between their own human experience and a group of artworks which reflect and represent the complex emotions and thoughts of their life.


  1. “this means my family being pulled together and have to stick together”

image 2Gego (Gertrud Goldschmidt), Horizontal Square Reticularia 71/10, 1971. Steel rods and metal beads. Tate collection.

2. “this represents my family coming together.”

image 1

Cristina Iglesias, Pavilion Suspened in a Room 1, 2005. Steel. Tate collection.

3. “This represents something different about my family.”

When I questioned the visitor further about this particular artwork they replied along the lines of “well the top one is my mother and she loves us but can be a bit strict sometimes, then there is my Dad below and he works a lot and sleeps on the weekends but is funny and likes to play with us too, then there is my sister – she is nice but she can be mean sometimes and then there is me and I am a mix of everyone but I am also just me too. And we all line up together, just like the blue blocks.”

image 3

Donald Judd, Untitled 1980. Steel, aluminium and perspex. Tate collection.

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