I’m Louisa Penfold – a visual artist and children’s art curator. My practice has focused on the intersection of play, contemporary art, experiential learning and how this can be used to construct new ways for children to explore their own creative processes alongside artists and curators within a gallery context. I have previously worked at The Ipswich Art Gallery, Queensland Art Gallery/Gallery of Modern Art, Artslink Queensland and ABC Kids in Australia.

I am currently undertaking a partnership PhD between the School of Education at the University of Nottingham and Tate Learning. My research is investigating the construction of child-centred practice within children’s learning environments in art galleries. Supervisors for this project are Dr. Emily Pringle (Head of Learning Practice & Research, Tate) and Professor Pat Thomson (School of Education, University of Nottingham). Further information can be found on the Tate Learning Research Center website and here.

This research is funded by the University of Nottingham, Brisbane City Council, The Ian Potter Cultural Trust and The Graduate Women of Queensland Fellowship Fund.



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