Groups of people exploring material innovation

This is a follow up to my recent post on the role of materials in children’s learning through art. If you have not read this already, I recommend checking it out before reading on.  Here I present four different organisations - a university research centre, a design consultancy, a creative recycle centre and a children’s art studio – who are all exploring materiality in new and experimental ways. I selected these organisations as I am interested in thinking about how materials are being explored in a collective way, amongst groups of people with diverse interests, skills and expertise.

Learning through artworks

This post discusses the possibilities of artworks in facilitating learning and alternate ways of imagining the world. I draw upon the work of Maxine Greene and John Dewey to explore the proposition that children's learning through artworks has the potential to challenge dominant discourses, opening up new ways of thinking and being. There is also a resource list for educators and parents interested in incorporating artworks into children's learning.

Experimenting and learning through images

In this post I talk about my photographic art practice. I discuss how artistic experimentation has allowed me to produce new relationships and understandings between myself, other people and the world throughout my life. I believe this love of learning and experiencing the world from multiple perspectives is also what motivates the interest of many educators working with emergent curriculum, pedagogical documentation and inquiry-led education practices.