Bruno Munari: “inventor, artist, writer designer, architect, illustrator and player-with-children”

This post explores the work of the late Italian artist, Bruno Munari (1907-1998). Munari was a self-proclaimed 'inventor artist writer designer architect illustrator player-with-children' (The Independent, 1998) whose creative practice intertwined with the education philosophies of Jean Piaget and Maria Montessori. 

Carl Rogers on learning to be free

This post investigates the book chapter Learning to be free by the late American humanistic psychologist, Carl Rogers. The chapter was written in 1967, two years before his well-known 'Freedom to Learn' was published. Learning to be free explores the notion that human 'congruency' and curiosity serves as a catalyst for growth, empathy and understandings between oneself and the world. Rogers argues that these emerge from interconnected relationships between an individual's freedom from things and freedom to choose and be.

Vygotsky on collective creativity & the power of imagination

This post discusses collective creativity, its interconnection with imagination and the potential both of these offer in relation to a pursuit towards empathy and understanding between people. These concepts are not new. Maxine Greene, John Dewey and Elliot Eisner have all discussed them extensively. In this post I will focus upon an article written by the late social constructivist Lev Vygotsky titled 'Imagination and Creativity…

The new Tate Modern & art as a reflection of human experience

The new Tate Modern opened on Friday and it is fantastic. I could post an arty picture of the swish new building or write something about it being a new era for modern art in London. Instead I am going to post a visual representation of an intensely meaningful connection between one visitor and the…