In conversation with Reggio Australia’s Chris Celada on art, galleries and the Hundred Languages of Children

This post is an extract of a conversation between myself and Chris Celada published in the current edition of 'The Challenge,' Reggio Emilia Australia's quarterly journal. Chris is a teacher and Reggio Australia editorial board member. The conversation offered the opportunity for both of us to dig deeper into our philosophies, strategies and practices of working at the intersection of art and pedagogy. 

Thinking with your hands: A visit to the Tinkering Studio in San Francisco, USA.

This post features a reflection on my visit to the Tinkering Studio at The Exploratorium in San Francisco, USA with a focus upon what art galleries can learn from the Studio's approach to constructing immersive creative environments for children based on experiential learning and play. 

Early Years Fab Lab at The Bay Area Discovery Museum, California

This post features an interview with Elizabeth Rood, Vice President of Education Strategy and Director of the Centre for Childhood Creativity at the Bay Area Discovery Museum in Sausalito, California  in which she discusses the timeliness, importance and challenges of developing the world's first early years Fab Lab.